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Training Seminar

iCAM™ Operations

Instructor: Terry Schwager

Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2024

Cost: $850.00

CECs: 8

Purpose: This seminar is designed to provide the iCAM user with an understanding of the hardware, software, and measurement application to ensure proper system setup and basic operation.

Description: This 1-day seminar is designed as an introduction to common air monitoring concepts, along with detailed instructions on iCAM calibration and maintenance functions. The seminar begins with an introduction of the iCAM instrument, including a description of all components and theory of operation. Explanation of faults and alarms will be discussed. After a discussion of the hardware components, the iCONFIG software will be demonstrated to show the functionality of this configuration tool. Once the iCAM setup is complete, we will discuss options and methods for calibrating the instrument for alpha and beta efficiency as well as airflow. Other topics for discussion will include radon rejection, activity calculations, false alarm reduction, and routine iCAM maintenance procedures.

Who Should Attend: Radiation protection, chemistry and operations personnel familiar with the concept and purpose of facility continuous air monitors, and knowledgeable with the generic fundamentals of this monitor. This seminar can be used as a refresher course for experienced plant personnel, or it can be used as an introductory course for new plant personnel.

How You Will Benefit: Attendees will obtain a working knowledge of continuous air monitor operation and maintenance required to support your equipment. Your facility, supervisors, and managers benefit from having key personnel with an improved level of understanding of the iCAM monitor and its operation.