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Training Seminar

Contamination Monitoring Operations – Advanced

Instructor: Ryan Adkins

Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2024

Cost: $850.00

CECs: 8

Prerequisites: Attending the Contamination Monitoring Operations Basic seminar or experience with use, calibration and troubleshooting.

Description: This seminar is designed to give attendees a more in-depth look at achieving the performance standards provided by INPO, ANI, and EPRI with regard to personnel and object contamination monitoring. Several advanced tools and data gathering-analysis methods will be presented about alarm testing, radon progeny rejection tuning, passive monitoring, and self-shielding corrections. Bring your questions for discussion or send to me prior to the meeting, so we can make sure we have time to address all your questions. Bringing a laptop is encouraged so we can put those tools to use for training and analysis.

Who Should Attend: Technologists and supervisory personnel responsible for personnel or object contamination monitoring using any Mirion Argos™, GEM™, Sirius™, or Cronos® system will benefit from attending this training seminar. Attendees should have a basic understanding of contamination monitoring systems and programs.

How You Will Benefit: This seminar is designed to start you on the next level of understanding of maintenance, upgrades and how to understand and implement the industry guidance documents as well as perform and evaluate advanced concepts.

Seminar Topics:

  • Advanced considerations for calibration and optimization
  • Alpha, Beta and Gamma Calibration for optimal performance
  • Standards and guidance for calibration
  • Alarm Setting Strategies
  • Detector Zone and Sum Zone Usage
  • Minimizing Count Times with Maximum Sensitivity
  • Alarm Testing Methodologies-Quality Assurance
  • Extending alarm testing frequency and documentation
  • Using Representative Plant Smears
  • INPO, EPRI and ANI Guidance
  • Passing INPO Performance Tests RP 1-4 How To
  • Passive Monitoring: What is it? How do you do it? How do you satisfy ANI?
  • Radon Progeny Rejection Settings and Experience
  • Personnel Monitoring Results: Clean and Contaminated
  • System backup and restoration
  • Software and computer updates