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Training Seminar

Radiological/Nuclear Practical Field Tactics and Tips for Emergency Response and Homeland Security with Exercise — NEW

Instructor: Jess Griffin

Date: Monday, July 29, 2024

Cost: $850.00

CECs: 8

Note: Attendees are welcome to bring their unit supplied hand-held radiation detection equipment to the seminar to enhance their current usability.

Description: In this seminar you will learn how to deploy your field equipment during operations, whether in an emergency or routine situation. We will guide you through the varying capabilities and limitations of field equipment to learn what it can or cannot do for you. We then guide you through a field exercise allowing you to put into practice the field tactics and tips taught in the session.

Who Should Attend: Field response personnel or those that oversee field operations. Also, anyone involved in the use, sale, or purchase of radiological field equipment. This includes all groups associated with Emergency Response, Homeland Security, or other agencies.

How You Will Benefit: Attendees will gain a better understanding of field response and equipment capabilities, limitations, and interpretation of the results.

Prerequisites: None

Seminar Topics:

  • Field Response Equipment
  • Equipment Capabilities and Limitations
  • Field Response and deployment of equipment
  • What my equipment is not telling me
  • Interpreting the readings from my equipment
  • Determine if the readings represent a threat
  • What are the next steps
  • Field exercise