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Training Seminar

MDA from the Ground Up — NEW

Instructor: Emerson Dang

Date: Monday, July 29, 2024

Cost: $850.00


Description: Minimum Detectable Activity (MDA) is one of the hardest concepts to understand in gamma spectroscopy. This 1-day seminar provides a thorough explanation of the concepts starting from basic counting statistics, through a review of the Currie method, and concluding with examples of more complex measurement scenarios.

Who Should Attend: The intended audience includes anyone working with gamma spectroscopy analysis and supervisory personnel who want to get a better understanding of the MDA and detection limit concepts. Attendees should be familiar with fundamental principles of gamma spectroscopy.

How You Will Benefit: Attendees who complete this seminar will attain a good understanding of the concept of MDA. This knowledge will enable attendees to better understand a key concept that is often reported to regulators and other stakeholders. A good understanding of MDA and what factors that influence it is a necessary skill when trying to optimize your gamma spectroscopy system for increased throughput or lowest possible detection limit.

Seminar Topics:

  • Basic counting statistics
  • Defining the concept of MDA and detection limits
  • Review of the Currie method, including practical examples
  • Discussion of the factors that influence the MDA