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Training Seminar

Getting the Most Accurate Model with the LabSOCS™ Beaker Editor - Advanced

Instructor: Celeste Olive

Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2024

Cost: $850.00

CECs: 8

Description: This seminar provides a thorough discussion and demonstration of the LabSOCS Beaker Editor and related sample geometry modeling options. Ever had a challenging sample container that didn’t seem to fit the normal LabSOCS geometry templates? The Beaker Editor gives you the tools to accurately model all those curves and concavities. In this seminar, we will show you how to use the Beaker Editor and go beyond the basic sample modeling process. Primary topics will include:

  • Recommended tools for making physical measurements of your sample containers
  • How to use the “Custom Simplified Beaker” and “Custom General Purpose Beaker” modeling templates
  • How to use the advanced absorber modeling options to create shelves, attenuators, and other sample holder components as part of your geometry model
  • How to validate your customized beaker model

Who Should Attend: This course is intended for spectroscopists who are responsible for calibrating gamma spectroscopy systems. This is relevant for both laboratory applications and in situ applications, and for those interested in high quality gamma spectroscopy measurements. Previous experience using ISOCS™ and/or LabSOCS software is highly recommended.

How You Will Benefit: Attendees will develop a competency to use custom beaker templates in LabSOCS calibrations, allowing them to create highly detailed LabSOCS models for improved accuracy in their efficiency calibrations. Attendees are encouraged to bring an empty beaker or sample container from their facility for hands-on practice.