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Training Seminar

AIM® SCS System and Application Training — NEW

Instructor: Daniel Allen & Larry Jankiewicz

Monday, July 29, 2024

Cost: $850.00


Description: Please join the SIS team for AIM SCS System and Applications Training geared toward Advanced AIM System Administrators, AIM Operators, and Cyber/IT professionals who want to better understand the multiple layers (architecture, application, and configuration) within the AIM SCS System. At the architecture layer, the seminar details the standard network architecture, subsystem interface design, and core AIM redundancy. At the application layer, the session covers select AIM functionality and common administration functions. Finally, at the configuration layer, the seminar dives into specific detailed configuration of AIM and peripheral components to enhance operational understanding.

Who Should Attend: AIM SCS Security System Administrators/Operators and Cybersecurity/IT Professionals that support the AIM SCS platform.