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Training Seminar

Introduction to ISOCS™ Software

Instructor: Cathey Sharp

Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Cost: $850.00


Prerequisites: Familiarity with fundamental principles of gamma spectroscopy and Genie 2000 spectroscopy application software is strongly recommended.

Description: This 1-day seminar provides a general introduction to the ISOCS mathematical efficiency calibration software using templates typically encountered with in-situ measurements. You will learn the basics for interfacing with the software to create efficiencies generated by ISOCS modeling with Genie™ Counting software.

Who Should Attend: Spectroscopy system operators and supervisors who are responsible for performing ISOCS efficiency calibrations and the operation of gamma spectroscopy systems using those calibration files.

How Will You Benefit: Attendees who complete this seminar will attain a good understanding of the features and object modeling capabilities of the ISOCS software package. This knowledge will enable attendees to effectively use this software and interpret the efficiency calibration results. Supervisors and managers will benefit from the knowledge and proficiency gained by attendees, with improved data quality for their gamma spectroscopy measurement program.

Seminar Topics:

  • Use of the Genie 2000 Geometry Composer application
  • Features of the standard ISOCS geometry templates
  • Tips for proper template parameter entry
  • Editing the Materials Library
  • Changing the default efficiency calculation parameters
  • Detector field-of-view
  • Detector positioning conventions

Several common container shapes will be selected as practical examples to demonstrate the complete ISOCS efficiency calibration process, including:

  • Selecting an ISOCS geometry template
  • Entering all required geometry parameters
  • Viewing the Geometry Composer report
  • Generating the efficiency data points
  • Creating an efficiency calibration file
  • Proper use of the calibration file during spectral analyses in Genie 2000 software