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Training Seminar

Feedthrough Installation and Replacement for Conax Nuclear Electric Penetration Assemblies

Instructor: Steve Karnyski

Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2023 (PM)

Cost: $425.00


1/2 Day Seminar (4 hours)

Description: Detailed instruction with hands-on training utilizing actual production unit feedthroughs in simulated header plates. Instruction includes preparation of feedthrough components, education on Electric Penetration Assembly (EPA) functionality and associated components. The seminar includes leak and electrical testing instruction, best practice methodologies, tools and materials. With the aging population of technical personnel performing maintenance in the NPP fleet, this seminar provides personal, hands-on access to critical aspects of Mirion EPA design and functionality. The industry has witnessed the requirement for additional monitoring and safety systems, which typically require the addition of circuits within the plant, making this session ideal for limiting risk, maximizing knowledge and minimizing outage cycles.

Who Should Attend: Ideal for maintenance supervisors, maintenance workers, site Engineers and field service technicians.