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Training Seminar

AIM® Administrator Training for Advanced Understanding and Operation

Instructor: Chuck Crow

Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2023 (AM)

Cost: $425.00


1/2 Day Seminar (4 hours)

Description: Advanced understanding and operation of AIM Security Computer System AIM Administrator Training. This seminar educates system administrators and IT personnel on the administration of the AIM software and functionality of the Plant Security Computer System. The session will cover the Application Overview, which includes starting and stopping the AIM application. We will also review the AIM Configuration, Control Settings, Global Settings, and User Management, which are advanced dialogs used for configuring various AIM functions.

Who Should Attend: This seminar targets potential customers, AIM SCS Security Supervisors and/or AIM SCS Administrators.

Course Content: This half-day seminar will include the following topics:

Advanced Training

  • Application Overview
  • AIM Configuration
  • Control Settings
  • Global Settings
    • Access control
    • Alarms/Events
  • User Management