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Training Seminar

Get More from your PRD, Practical Field Tactics and Tips for Emergency Response and Homeland Security - NEW!

Instructor: Jess Griffin

Date: Monday, August 1, 2022

Cost: $750.00


Prerequisites: Some familiarity radiation fundamentals.

Description: During this seminar you will learn how to deploy your PRD whether in an emergency or normal operations. We will guide you through the varying capabilities and limitations of PRDs to learn what your PRD is telling you or not telling you. Then add in some practical hands-on field tactics and tips to get the most out of your PRD.

Who Should Attend: PRD users to include: first response (police/fire/hazmat), homeland security, or any agency to employ PRDs.

How You Will Benefit: Attendees who attend this seminar will gain a better understanding of their PRDs capabilities, limitations, and gain an understanding of what the results mean.

Seminar Topics:

  • PRD Functions
  • PRD Capabilities and Limitations
  • Approaches to deploying your PRD
  • What is my PRD not telling me
  • Interpreting the readings from my PRD
  • Determine if I have a threat or an innocent reading
  • What are the next steps