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Training Seminar

Field Identification of Radio Isotopes during Emergency Response Operations for First Responders and Homeland Security – NEW!

Instructor: Jess Griffin

Date: Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Cost: $750.00


Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with RIIDs.

Description: This seminar will cover the use of Radio Isotope Identification Devices (RIIDs) in the field. It will discuss what a RIID is, how it works, and deployment of the devices during emergency operations. We’ll explore questions on how to determine if you have discovered a threat; how to ensure you gather enough information to make a good interpretation of the results; and look at spectrum from various operations in the past. Some hands-on experience with various sources will follow.

Who Should Attend: Any persons or group that utilize RIIDs in the field. This can include: first response (police/fire/hazmat), homeland security, or any agency to employ PRDs.

How You Will Benefit: Attendees who complete this seminar gain the knowledge to correctly deploy a RIID, gather data for analysis and interpret that data based on spectrum and situational awareness.

Seminar Topics:

  • What is a RIID
  • What are the capabilities and limitations of RIIDs
  • Situational Awareness to assist in gathering intel
  • What can you gain from spectrum results
  • How to interpret the spectrum in the field
  • Various outcomes resulting from Spectrum Analysis